2019 Outdoor Retailer / SIA Show Highlights (Ep.36)

The Outdoor Retailer / SIA show ended yesterday, so we sat down right after to debrief and discuss some of the most notable trends we saw, talk about the products we’re dying to try (and were most tempted to just steal), and some of the other odd and / or noteworthy people and things we saw at the show.

Blister discusses notable trends and products at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show SIA trade show on the GEAR:30 podcast
Line Outline ski w/ convex tips & tails


  • New trends in apparel and skis (1:10)
  • What we’re most curious to try (8:29)
  • Gear we’re most tempted to steal (16:31)
  • Weirdest thing we saw (25:44)
  • Swagger Award (27:05)
  • Best graphics (30:57)

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2 comments on “2019 Outdoor Retailer / SIA Show Highlights (Ep.36)”

  1. Thanks for that podcast. I also looked through Blister’s coverage on IG, and I felt like commenting on:

    – As a bigger guy, it’s nice to see Armada’s new ARG offered in a longer length than the old ARG, but won’t match my personal preferences if the “Zero Collection” aspect means lightweight construction. We’ll see.
    – Hoping for Blister tests of the magnetic G3 skis, to see if you can feel it on metal rails in the park, on the chairlift foot-rests, or see if it screws up transceivers, etc.

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