Anthill Films’ Latest: Return to Earth (Ep.5)


  • The origins & early days of Anthill Films (3:10)
  • Return to Earth: How do you describe it? (10:37)
  • Locations in the film (21:55)
  • The (unbelievable) kid riders (26:26)
  • Brett Rheeder throwing down (32:40)
  • Explaining some of the cinematography (35:57)
  • 30-Day Challenge (39:30)
  • The current landscape of mountain-bike films (42:57)
  • What’s the best question I haven’t asked you? (44:53)
  • Why bikes themselves are big ideas (48:30)

Sometimes, big ideas are actually very simple ideas that have giant implications, and that gets at the heart of today’s episode. Anthill Films recently released their latest film, Return to Earth, and it once again displays a topnotch combination of excellent cinematography and sick bike riding that Anthill is known for. But this time around, the guys who brought us breathtaking bike films like unReal were going for some different — and bigger — stakes.

So we talked to Anthill’s Darcy Wittenberg and Ian Dunn about those stakes; the origins & early days of Anthill Films; some of the locations, and riders and cinematography in Return to earth, and more.

And after you listen to this conversation, go ride your bike, then check out episode #95 of our Blister Podcast, because we talk with the world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Merzenich, about a lot of the themes and issues that Darcy and Ian bring up. It is a terrific supplement to this conversation, and it very much underscores the message of Return to Earth.

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