New Ski & Climbing Gear + Random Reviews (Ep.59)


Jonathan Ellsworth, Luke Koppa, & Sam Shaheen argue about the new Volkl Mantra 102 and how it compares to the M5 Mantra; discuss with more civility the Line Vision 98; Dalbello Lupo Pro HD ski boot; Camp Nano 22 vs. Orbit Wire carabiners; and close with several extremely random reviews.

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Sam Shaheen, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss the Volkl Mantra 102, Dalbello Lupo Pro HD, Line Vision 98, The Lion King, CAMP carabiners, and more on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast
Sam Shaheen on the Volkl Mantra 102.

4 comments on “New Ski & Climbing Gear + Random Reviews (Ep.59)”

  1. Hey, guys, maybe it’s just Spotify screwing up, but this episode has a loop in it that just reruns the same section of Mantra 102 debauchery. Maybe it’s just me, but it might be worth looking at!

    Love the podcast, and all of the Blister podcasts, keep up the work!

    • Ha, “Mantra 102 debauchery.” And yes – that was Spotify screwing up, but it’s fixed now – at most, it might just take a sec to refresh in your Spotify player. Also … THANKS! Very glad that you’re enjoying me yelling at Sam (and the other podcasts, too).

  2. Although I have skied neither ski, I feel I know what Luke is saying.

    The Volkl because it’s stiff through out is snappy when you finish a turn which gives a “quicker” edge to edge feeling.

    I’m guessing because the Nordica is softer, it might feel a bit ” planky” and thus feel not quite as quick edge to edge unless you fully load the ski every turn. Just because you can bend it easier in the shovel, that does not necessarily mean the release of energy at the end will be as snappy or give the sensation that it’s quick edge to edge.

    You tell them Luke, tell it like is!

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