Blister Speaker Series 1.1 – Brendan Leonard,

We just held the inaugural Blister Speaker Series event at Western Colorado University with Brendan Leonard — author, filmmaker, and creator of So here is that live conversation where we talk with Brendan about work, work ethic, creativity, and how to keep from compromising your vision in whatever field you are passionate about pursuing.

Brendan Leonard of speaking at the Blister Speaker Series at Western University
Brendan Leonard at the Blister Speakers Series at Western Colorado University. (photo by Emma Brophy / Western Colorado University)


  • Background of the Blister Speaker Series (1:50)
  • How does Brendan describe his eclectic body of work? (6:22)
  • Brendan’s journey from journalism to the Outdoor Industry (8:13)
  • Tips for pursuing your passion without compensation (11:06)
  • How was born of rejection (19:03)
  • Books that Brendan recommends (29:25)
  • What advice would Brendan give his undergraduate self? (32:52)
  • New Blister project with Brendan (41:08)
  • Brendan’s tips for balancing time outdoors with a desk job (43:40)
  • When did Brendan become more conscious of his work’s impact? (49:32)
  • Advice about remaining resilient in the face of career challenges (52:14)
  • What motivates Brendan and Jonathan? (1:02:00)
  • Brendan’s move into filming & video content (1:08:18)

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