Blister Speaker Series 2.1: Claudio Caluori (Ep.101)


  • Was this the best World Cup DH season ever? (3:44)
  • Loic & Amaury’s battle (6:10)
  • Claudio’s career racing XC and DH (8:32)
  • Philosophy of “Going All-In” (10:08)
  • How did you start announcing World Cup races? (12:24)
  • Recovering from his big crash last year (13:15)
  • Claudio’s company, Velosolutions (15:13)
  • How #pumpforpeace is serving communities (22:04)
  • Lessons from working internationally? (24:10)
  • What unites the global bike community? (26:49)
  • Sustainability & our environmental impacts (28:13)
  • Western vs. Proust (34:21)

Last week, we kicked off season two of our monthly Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University, where we invite influential figures to come talk about how they are shaping the outdoor industry.

Our first guest of the new season was Claudio Caluori, the announcer for the World Cup Downhill series, a former pro XC and DH racer, the founder of Velosolutions, and the initiator of #pumpforpeace.

We touch on all of these things in our conversation, and get Claudio’s perspective on a wide range of topics and questions — including a number of good ones, once again, from the audience.

Claudio Caluori talks at the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University about his career, the 2019 World Cup Downhill season, Velosolutions, pumpforpeace, and more.
Claudio Caluori at the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University, Gunnison, CO.

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