VIDEO: Claudio Caluori on the World Cup DH Season

Coming straight to Crested Butte after an amazing World Cup season finale, Claudio Caluori sat down with me in BLISTER HQ to recap this incredible World Cup Downhill season; discuss whether this was the best WC DH series ever; talk about Loic Bruni and Amaury Pierron’s epic battle; and frame Danny Hart’s season. Claudio also offers his biggest takeaways from the men’s and women’s seasons; how the sport has evolved in terms of trails, equipment, and talent; we ask him what, if anything, could be done to make the series even better.

Check out the video of the conversation above, and you can click the button below to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or if you prefer audio-only, listen to the podcast below:

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VIDEO: Claudio Caluori on the World Cup DH Season, BLISTER

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