Blister Speaker Series 2.2: Honnold Foundation ED, Dory Trimble (Ep.105)


  • How did you first get involved with the
  • Honnold Foundation? (4:30)
  • How has HF changed? (11:50)
  • Dory’s formative experience with the Peace Core (16:15)
  • The impact of ‘Free Solo’ (18:50)
  • How is working with Alex? (26:55)
  • How do you choose projects to work on? (28:05)
  • Why solar? (33:07)
  • What will HF look like in ten years? (37:55)
  • Advice for those who want to do good in the world? (39:49)
  • Western vs. Proust (45:55)

When world-renowned climber, Alex Honnold, was looking for a new executive director for his Honnold Foundation, he tapped Dory Trimble. And with the massive success of the film, Free Solo, Dory has guided what started as Alex’s small, personal passion project into a rapidly growing nonprofit working on global projects.

The aim of the Honnold Foundation is to reduce environmental impact and address inequality by supporting solar energy initiatives worldwide. And in this conversation, Dory unpacks for us what that means, what it’s like working with Alex, how she’s managed the explosive growth of the Honnold Foundation, and she offers excellent advice for anyone interested in getting involved with an organization committed to doing social good.

We opened our time at Western by showing this brief film of a project that the Honnold Foundation is currently involved with in Puerto Rico:

Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University; event 2.2: Honnold Foundation executive director, Dory Trimble
Alex Honnold and Honnold Foundation Executive Director, Dory Trimble (photo by Shawn Corrigan)

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