Cam Smith on Moving through Mountains (Ep.21)


  • Racing the Grand Traverse (2:45)
  • Growing up in Rockford, Illinois (7:38)
  • Getting into ski mountaineering & racing (10:57)
  • Overcoming an overly competitive mindset (21:35)
  • Who do you look up to? (25:55)
  • Short & long term race goals (28:30)
  • Cam’s “intuitive” training process (31:23)
  • How Cam avoids burnout (34:12)
  • Being on the US Skimo team (39:34)
  • Working with the CB Adaptive Center (41:42)
  • The coolest thing Cam’s ever done (48:36)

When Cam Smith graduated high school in 2014, he had little or no mountain experience. But fast forward a few years, and Cam is now an accomplished trail runner, mountain biker, a member of the U.S. ski mountaineering team, a repeat winner of the Grand Traverse Mountain Run from Crested Butte to Aspen, and a repeat winner of the Grand Traverse Triple Crown — which is awarded to the person with the fastest combined times for the ski, run, and mountain bike segments of the Grand Traverse.

All of that is extremely impressive, perhaps especially since Cam grew up in Rockford, Illinois, which isn’t exactly an incubator of high alpine achievement.

So I sat down with Cam in BLISTER HQ to talk about his journey, his goals, his relation to running and skiing and mountain biking, his work as a coach and as a guide at the Adaptive Center here in Crested Butte, and more.

And as you will see, more than anything, Cam is someone who loves to be moving through the mountains, and who loves to encourage and to help others get out and move, too. And so both because of his impressive accomplishments and his infectious attitude, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Cam Smith. Here we go.

Cam Smith goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss how he went from living in Illinois to winning races like the Grand Traverse & Grand Traverse Triple Crown.
Cam Smith

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