Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Wagner Custom Skis

At the Blister Summit, we talked to Wagner Custom Skis founder, Pete Wagner, about why Wagner had never done a ski demo before the Blister Summit; how & why they created skis specifically for the Summit (which are now a part of their offerings); and how their custom design process works.

  • Why Wagner had never before done ski demos 00:00​
  • Wagner Skis’ background & location 05:09​
  • The ‘Summit 50/50’ ski 08:18​
  • The ‘Summit All-Mountain 97’ ski 12:31​
  • The ‘Summit All-Mountain 107’ 16:13​
  • What types of skis do you build the most? 19:26​
  • The ‘Summit touring’ ski & touring ski builds 21:19​
  • Different wood cores 26:29​
  • Wagner’s take on “women-specific” skis 32:37
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3 comments on “Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Wagner Custom Skis”

  1. What an enjoyable conversation! Two of the classiest gentlemen anywhere on any topic. Tough to top this one. I am proud to say I am a skier. Thank you both so much.

  2. I own a pair of Wagners and the Misses owns 2 pair. I also own or have owned over 8 different manufactures skis in last 5 years and In my opinion Wagner skis are the most bomber/bulletproof skis in construction by far. They are built to last !!!

  3. I love my Wagner Custom skis. I own multiple pairs of skis. The most time is spent on the Wagner Customs. Very intuitive feeling and allow me to just relax and ski. They hold up better than other skis too.

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