Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Wagner Custom Skis

At the Blister Summit, we talked to Wagner Custom Skis founder, Pete Wagner, about why Wagner had never done a ski demo before the Blister Summit; how & why they created skis specifically for the Summit (which are now a part of their offerings); and how their custom design process works.

  • Why Wagner had never before done ski demos 00:00​
  • Wagner Skis’ background & location 05:09​
  • The ‘Summit 50/50’ ski 08:18​
  • The ‘Summit All-Mountain 97’ ski 12:31​
  • The ‘Summit All-Mountain 107’ 16:13​
  • What types of skis do you build the most? 19:26​
  • The ‘Summit touring’ ski & touring ski builds 21:19​
  • Different wood cores 26:29​
  • Wagner’s take on “women-specific” skis 32:37
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1 comment on “Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Wagner Custom Skis”

  1. What an enjoyable conversation! Two of the classiest gentlemen anywhere on any topic. Tough to top this one. I am proud to say I am a skier. Thank you both so much.

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