Neli Vazquez Rowland on the Run to End Homelessness & A Safe Haven (Ep.84)

Neli Vazquez Rowland's book, Healing: Real Stories Told By People Who Have Overcome The Homeless And Opioid Epidemics

Our guest today is Neli Vasquez Rowland, who, in addition to being an avid runner, is the co-founder and president of A Safe Haven, which is a Chicago-based nonprofit whose goal is to end homelessness by providing permanent housing solutions to help people on the path of self-sufficiency.

So we talk to Neli about A Safe Haven’s comprehensive approach; how and why their model could be adopted by other cities around the world; their Run to End Homelessness; and more.


  • Running in Chicago (0:53)
  • What is A Safe Haven (5:14)
  • What led you to start A Safe Haven? (6:30)
  • A Safe Haven’s approach (15:00)
  • Neli’s book, HEALING (18:04)
  • Who qualifies for the program? (19:58)
  • A Safe Haven’s housing options (28:48)
  • How does this compare to other programs? (29:40)
  • Providing jobs to break the cycle (33:38)
  • What could other cities be doing better? (38:25)
  • Expanding A Safe Haven to other locations (52:50)
  • What policies or laws most need to be changed? (1:01:05)
  • A Run to End Homelessness (1:08:58)


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