Cam McCaul on Bike Films, Preparing for Big Lines, & the TGR Film, Accomplice (Ep. 28)


  • Cam’s life these days (3:22)
  • The current “bike boom” (5:46)
  • Cam’s “favorite” bike films (11:40)
  • Preference: photo shoots or video shoots? (18:56)
  • TGR’s new film: Accomplice (25:06)
  • Preparing to ride big lines (31:15)
  • The process behind hitting features (37:20)
  • Cam’s work as an announcer (41:35)
  • Slope, DH, Big-Mtn: most underappreciated type of riding? (45:18)

I caught up this week with the one and only Cam McCaul to talk about some of the bike films that made the biggest impression on him; the new TGR film he’s in called, Accomplice (some of which was shot in our little corner of the world, Crested Butte); how he prepares for riding big lines; his work as a commentator; and which discipline he thinks many people fail to really appreciate: slopestyle, DH, or big-mountain riding.

The trailer for Accomplice:

Cam McCaul goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss filming for TGR's Accomplice, commentating, preparing to ride big lines, the most underrated type of mountain biking, and more
Cam McCaul following his brother, Tyler McCaul, during the filming of Teton Gravity Research's film, Accomplice. (photo by Katie Lozanich)

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