Kingswood Skis founder, Alex Herbert (Ep.104)


  • New Zealand & Covid-19 (2:09)
  • The southern hemisphere ski season (8:41)
  • The quick Kingswood backstory (15:31)
  • Ski materials (17:09)
  • Sidewalls & cap construction (25:13)
  • Cosmetics & Ski Repairs (28:20)
  • Base material thickness (32:57)
  • Ski shapes (39:59)
  • Being 100% made to order (49:26)
  • Kingswood’s Race Department (53.08)
  • What We’re Celebrating (56:53)

Kingswood Skis is a custom indie ski manufacturer based on the South Island of New Zealand, and I caught up with Kingswood founder, Alex Herbert, as the Southern Hemisphere ski season is getting underway. Alex and I talk about ski materials, sidewalls, cosmetics & ski repairs, base material thickness, and Kingswood’s rather unconventional Race Department.

Kingswood Skis founder, Alex Herbert, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss ski design, the 2020 Southern Hemisphere ski season, and more
Kingswood Skis founder, Alex Herbert, on the Kingswood SMB.

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