Catching Up with Caite Zeliff (Ep.124)


  • Quarantine & Healing Up (1:55)
  • Kings & Queens of Corbet’s (9:53)
  • On the pressure to perform (16:32)
  • Trip to Engelberg, Switzerland (18:56)
  • Your Best Marcus Caston story? (25:55)
  • Photo Shoots vs Filming (29:28)
  • Growing up: Cranmore, New Hampshire (35:14)
  • Other sports? (39:53)
  • Films, Podcasts, Music & Books (47:30)
  • What’s the best question I haven’t asked you? (55:45)

We all probably need more Caite Zeliff in our lives. (And if you didn’t already know this, you definitely need to listen to this conversation.) Caite is a former ski racer turned big mountain skier. She won the first ever Kings & Queens of Corbet’s competition in 2018, then won again in 2019, then was on the podium this past year. She’s filmed with Warren Miller and TGR, she is equally fun to ski with and to shoot the breeze with, and, while she’s already accomplished a lot, it still seems like Caite is just getting started.

Last week we caught up with Caite on her birthday (our first birthday-edition podcast!), where we discussed skiing; filming vs photo shoots; her best Marcus Caston story; her music and podcast recommendations; and we somehow got into food and astrology, too.

Caite Zeliff goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss competing in and winning Kings & Queens of Corbets; filming with Teton Gravity Research & Warren Miller Entertainment; & More.
Caite Zeliff dropping into Corbet's Couloir.

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  1. On the astrology – she is a total Aries. Guessed it right away when she said she had ADD. I’ll make it super simple. 1) You are more than just one sign, more than your “Sun Sign”. You are a mix of many signs. 2) Easiest way you can appreciate the whole concept is a specific example of comparing the elements FIRE (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Fire elements are extroverted and like adventure and new things. They travel, they don’t like to be in the same job, or have the same romantic partner forever. Compare to Earth which is all about stability. They stay in school get married, stay at the same job, etc. Tell me you don’t know these two different categories of people. Which is most likely to be a ski professional versus an accountant?

    There are differences within the FIRE signs.
    Aries – tend to be impulsive, a little aggressive, most ADD of the three
    Leos – like to be admired (including dressing well), have strong opinions, make good leaders
    Sagittarius – more philosophical, optimistic, love the outdoors

    Skepticism is natural in our society, where scientific materialism reigns. But if you can imagine a soul or a creator God, there is an opening there to dig a little deeper in to the mysteries of spirit.

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