Claudio Caluori (Ep.1)


  • Biggest takeaway from the World Cup in Maribor (2:16)
  • Origin story of Bikes & Big Ideas (4:00)
  • Claudio’s background in XC & DH racing (12:24)
  • When did you first start thinking about environmental issues? (16:50)
  • Experiments with food, diet, and fasting (20:21)
  • Claudio’s company, Velosolutions (35:12)
  • How #pumpforpeace is serving underprivileged communities (43:24)
  • Sponsoring the Izimbali South African women’s race team (51:39)
  • Pump Track World Championship (54:45)
  • Claudio’s current big ideas (57:33)

We talk to Bikes & Big Ideas co-host, Claudio Caluori, about the origin story of this podcast; his background in XC & DH racing, how Velosolutions got started, experiments with food & diet; the #pumpforpeace project, and more.

Claudio Caluori on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast

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