Eric Pollard on Skiing, Creating, & Evolving (Ep.111)


  • Drawn From Here — The Film (1:25)
  • Style (9:07)
  • Defying expectations (12:53)
  • Why “Night Moves”? (16:61)
  • Drawn From Here — The Book (32:22)
  • How the book complements the film (39:34)
  • Skiing, Ski Design, & Ski Names (47:40)
  • Other inputs (1:06:25)

When it comes to skiing, product design, filmmaking, and art, few people have exhibited a more distinctive style than Eric Pollard. But for someone who has been working at the forefront of these mediums for about 20 years, we know a relatively small amount about the person behind the products, the films, and the skiing.

So in this conversation, we talk to Eric about skiing and art and creating and evolving, and we discuss his just-released film and book that share the same title, Drawn From Here. Watch the full film below:

Eric Pollard goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his new film and book, Drawn From Here
Eric Pollard skiing the Line Outline in Japan. (photo by Alister Buckingham)

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