From Courmayeur to Chamonix: Testing new SCOTT Skis (Ep.87)


  • SCOTT Sports becoming an “international” brand (5:02)
  • Why make so many different types of products? (6:42)
  • Will we see a SCOTT binding? (12:08)
  • The 2020 Winter Collection (15:41)
  • The New Superguide Freetour (20:00)
  • What is a 3D sidecut radius? (30:51)
  • Superguide 95 vs. Freetour (38:00)
  • New touring boot (40:25)

Sam Shaheen was recently in Courmayeur, Italy to test the new SCOTT Superguide Freetour in the spectacular mountains surrounding Mont Blanc. After several days of big lines and long tours, he came away thoroughly impressed.

So, in the first half of this conversation, he talks with SCOTT’s CMO, Reto Aeschbacher, about the backstory of SCOTT, the challenges of managing large product lines, and the motivation behind their new line of backcountry skis. Then he does a deep dive with SCOTT’s Ski Product Manager, Franz Marsan, about the new Superguide Freetour.

You can also watch this conversation on our Blister YouTube channel.

On Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast, SCOTT’s CMO, Reto Aeschbacher, discusses the brand's skiing history, the new 20/21 Scott Superguide skis, and more.
Sam Shaheen on the Scott Superguide Freetour, Courmayeur, Italy.

4 comments on “From Courmayeur to Chamonix: Testing new SCOTT Skis (Ep.87)”

  1. wow ! had to be the trip of a lifetime !

    and an interesting podcast, to boot…

    but, i have point out you kinda whiffed. y’all have been on this tele craze for a while now, you are locked in a room with the product developers of one of the few companies making tele boots having a conversation about radical design changes, and you do not ask what is afoot(yup…) with new tele boot ideas ?!?!?!!!

  2. Recently purchased a first pair of Scott skis in many years. When measuring for home mount of pin bindings, I was chuffed to find not only the boot centre line identical on both skis, but the longitudinal lines in the mount zones were aligned with the ski edges and centred.
    If this is standard for Scott skis, and not a fluke, it is a great step forward.
    I often carry out more than 1 mount on a ski, and shops tend to charge through the nose to provide this service if the skis and/or bindings are not purchased at the time.
    I wonder if it is generally possible to place topsheets accurately during manufacture, and if so why is the practice not being adopted ? Could makers go the whole hog and provide a scaled grid in the mount zones?

  3. Really excited to hear an initial review of the Scott Superguide Freetour. I’d like to get a new touring ski in the 102-106mm (1450-1600 gram) range but haven’t skied anything under 110mm in ages. I got along with the Scott Scrapper and even better with the G3 Sendr. Just looking for a narrow/lighter ski that has 80-90% of the performance but useful in a larger range of conditions.

    • Hey Eric, mind commenting on what you liked better about the Sendr? I own the Scrapper and I’m pretty interested in the Sendr. Love the flex and rocker profile on the scrapper, but the totally untapered tip becomes a liability in funky snow.

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