HOJI on “HOJI” (Ep.75)

Very few people are so good at what they do that they can have a film made about their life and their career while they are still in the middle of both. But Eric Hjorleifson is one of those people, and we talked to Eric about the eponymous film, Hoji, that was produced by Scott Gaffney and Matchstick Productions. Eric and I talk about the tour he’s been on for the film, how the idea for the film originated, and we even got Hoji to ruminate a bit on what he thinks sets him apart as a skier.

And gear heads stay tuned, because tomorrow, we’ll be dropping a GEAR:30 episode where you can hear Eric talk about his new Hoji Free boot, as well as the latest iteration of his ski, the 4FRNT Renegade.

Click here for more info on the Hoji movie tour dates


  • Eric’s favorite stops while touring the movie. (03:50)
  • Where did the idea for the movie come from? (09:06)
  • Jonathan’s favorite people featured in the film. (13:25)
  • What has Eric learned from making the film? (20:05)
  • What’s Eric’s favorite ski movie? (22:40)
  • Which traits as a skier sets Eric apart? And where did they come from? (32:00)
  • Hoji Part II?? (43:20)

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