Hoji on the Hoji Free & 4FRNT Renegade (Ep.29)

Today we’re talking with the one and only Eric Hjorleifson about his brand-new boot, the Dynafit Hoji Free, what’s new with this boot, and how it differs from the current Hoji Pro Tour.

Then you’re going hear Eric talk about trying to improve and refine the latest iteration of his favorite ski, the 4FRNT Renegade, and finally, we wrap up our gear geekery by talking a bit about outerwear and Eric’s work with Arc’teryx.

And if you somehow missed it yesterday, we ran over on the Blister Podcast platform what was basically Part 1 of our conversation, where we talk to Hoji about his new film, “Hoji.”


  • Hoji on the Dynafit Hoji Free. (3:00)
  • Differences between the Hoji Pro Tour and Hoji Free. (5:50)
  • Did weight play factor in designing the Hoji Free? (22:32)
  • Hoji Free crampon compatibility? (27:12)
  • What’s new with the 4FRNT Renegade? (30:55)
  • The problem with updating for the sake of updating. (37:55)
  • Does Eric geek out on outerwear, too? (43:30)

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6 comments on “Hoji on the Hoji Free & 4FRNT Renegade (Ep.29)”

  1. Another great Hoji interview!

    The crampons he was talking about are the Petzl Irvis Hybrid. Great crampon, almost every ski mountaineer I know has switched to them, regardless of whether they have a toe welt on their boots or not. Note that you have to be careful to adjust them tighter after the first time they’re used, as the dyneema stretches a little.

  2. I am one of these guys who was perfectly happy on the 196 renegade :(
    Luckily, I still have 2 pairs, one of them barely used, the other one a swiss cheese of epoxid up core shots.
    Lets see how long these last me, but I dread the day when I have to start looking for a new ski again!

  3. please please please please please ask hoji to do the 196 (or longer) renegade in a special run or something. The most recent version were almost perfect. I personally would have just liked a bit more length than that even.

  4. Are there images/details of the Hoji free boot yet? Did a quick google scan and didn’t see anything.

    Would love to hear another podcast where you chat with an athlete about ski model design changes over the years. Ex. Pollards skis over the years, maybe Mike Douglas on Salomon skis he worked on.

    Anywho, Thanks for a great podcast! Always look forward to new episodes to make my commute more bearable.

  5. Hi Jonathan
    Received this slightly disquieting e-mail from 4FRNT last week:
    “Thank you for supporting 4FRNT and picking up a fresh pair of the redesigned Renegades for this season, they’re on their way if you haven’t already received them. We want to make you aware of a construction change we didn’t previously note on our website at the time you ordered. We used a thinner base and edge (1.3mm Base and 2mm edge) to lighten the ski by approximately 100gr, which also resulted the ski being approximately 15% softer than previous years. We apologize for not giving you a heads up earlier, but hope you enjoy riding the skis as much as we enjoyed creating them. Remember all of our skis come with a money back guarantee so if at any point after riding them, they’re not right for you, hit us back and we’ll take care of you!”
    Not sure why they would want to lighten and soften the ski at this point? Not for marketing purposes, as they’re already sold out. Not because Eric wanted a further design change – it sounded like he pretty much wanted to keep them as they were. Which leaves us with production issues? Anyway, you might want to check which version you have before you publish any reviews!
    ps Love the Buyers Guide, but I just don’t understand why you stick the Renegade in the Powder Skis: More Directional section? Given it’s spec – especially its weight – and design aims (i.e., to provide Eric with his work ride) shouldn’t it be in the 50:50 or Backcountry Touring sections? It’s in the same ball park as the BMT 122, but more to the point – and now more than ever – it’s just a fatter Raven! Sorry, I’ve been holding it in since last year!

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