How the Outdoor Industry is Pivoting to Fight COVID-19 (Ep.20)


  • Sascha Anastas on the PPE Shortage (1:34)
  • What Kitsbow is doing (13:54)
  • What Industry Nine is doing (33:53)
  • What Shaggy’s Skis is doing (47:03)

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, a growing number of companies in the outdoor industry are pivoting away from their normal operations and product offerings to provide healthcare workers with critical gear.

So we talked to physician assistant and Blister reviewer, Sascha Anastas, about the scope of the problem, and we then talk to Kitsbow, Industry Nine, & Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis about how they are each helping the cause. This is an inspiring conversation.

And to all the companies out there that are able to provide assistance, Thank You.

Kitsbow, Industry Nine, Shaggy's Copper Country Skis discuss manufacturing PPE during the coronavirus pandemic on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast.
Kitsbow Factory

1 comment on “How the Outdoor Industry is Pivoting to Fight COVID-19 (Ep.20)”

  1. Wow, cool set of stories and just shows what can be done when people come together and pitch in. Thanks so much for sharing this guys, inspiring.
    To add to the landfill stat that Kitsbow mentioned. Not only does that much apparel end up in landfill, the vast majority ends up in landfill in Africa – how crazy is that? Bad enough that we dump our problems elsewhere, but just imagine the environmental impact of getting it there.

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