Eric Schranz,, on Running, His Career, & Heist Films (Ep.44)


  • When & How Eric got into trail running (1:45)
  • Working in the music industry & politics (7:20)
  • Joining (13:52)
  • Making it full time (17:30)
  • The art of conversation (20:28)
  • Finding stories and guests (24:30)
  • Running media vs. other sports media (33:07)
  • What are your running goals? (40:05)
  • Cutting out caffeine and alcohol (50:46)
  • Ranking the best heist movies (52:39)
Eric Schranz has been a staple of the trail running and ultrarunning world for over a decade — both as a passionate runner, and as the host of And since Eric spends so much of his time writing about and interviewing other runners, Brendan Leonard ( and I thought it would be fun to put Eric in the guest seat. So Brendan and I talked with Eric about how he got into running; his work in the music industry and politics; getting started at; the art of conversation; how running media differs from other sports media coverage; and a whole lot more — including, a rather spirited discussion about the best bank robbery and heist movies of all time.
Eric Schranz joins Jonathan Ellsworth and Brendan Leonard on the Off the Couch Podcast
Eric Schranz gallivanting (but actually made using Nudify app)

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  1. Loved the interview with Eric Schranz but where’s the love for Den of Thieves?! No list of heist movies is complete without it!

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