Jeremy Jones on His New Film, Purple Mountains (Ep.142)

We talk to snowboarder & Protect Our Winters founder, Jeremy Jones, about his new film; the importance of reviving a lost art; and more.

You can watch a video of the conversation above or on our YouTube channel, you can watch the trailer for Purple Mountains below, and learn more about the film here.


  • The title of the film (1:59)
  • Social media (7:05)
  • Common ground / consensus (9:28)
  • The art of conversation (11:28)
  • Best ways to discuss these issues? (12:37)
  • Politics as a sport / entertainment (14:08)
  • Upcoming election (21:50)
  • A favorite moment from the film? (27:20)
  • Closing thoughts (32:18)
Jeremy Jones on His New Film, Purple Mountains (Ep.142), BLISTER
Jeremy Jones booting up a volcano. (photo by Daniel Ronnback)

2 comments on “Jeremy Jones on His New Film, Purple Mountains (Ep.142)”

  1. Great episode! I just finished reading Union, A Democrat, A Republican, and a Search for Common Ground by Jordan Blashek and Christopher Haugh, Their story tells a similar story of trying to connect each side. Worth the read. Looking forward to watching Purple Mountains.

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