MADE: Custom Technical Apparel (Ep.139)

MADE Custom Apparel co-founders, Cheryl LeBarr, Capri Philip, and Dustin Butcher go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss their new custom apparel brand, its background, their custom process, and more
MADE co-founder, Cheryl LeBarr.

MADE is a new company that’s setting out to make custom technical apparel. Their 3 co-founders are all veterans of the technical apparel and outdoor industries, and Luke Koppa and I talked to Cheryl LeBarr, Capri Philip, and Dustin Butcher about why they started MADE and how they are making this happen. (And, of course, we argue about anoraks, too.)


  • Co-founder backgrounds (04:63)
  • How did you all meet? (06:26)
  • MADE’s mission statement (09:46)
  • How do companies decide what’s a S,M,L,XL, etc? (10:23)
  • MADE’s measuring process (13:49)
  • Modular designs (15:16)
  • When does MADE launch? (17:18)
  • Who is the MADE customer? (19:34)
  • Industry sizing standards — or the lack thereof (21:27)
  • Materials (22:43)
  • Feature Sets (26:43)
  • Anorak Fight! (30:49)
  • Sustainability (37:03)
  • Time from placing order to receiving product (39:34)
  • Circularity (43:22)
  • Inclusivity & removing the concept of gender (44:50)
  • The present & future of MADE (47:07)
  • What We’re Celebrating (50:36)


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  1. Took my not off the rack body straight to the website. Will keep going back until the customisation suggested in the pod cast is made available.

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