Mark Abma’s Regimen for Skiing Well & Living Well (Ep.91)


  • How Mark got into skiing (2:11)
  • Living with Anthony Boronowski, J.P. Auclair, & Julien Regnier (7:00)
  • Filming with Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, & Hugo Harrisson (16:20)
  • Cultivating happiness in life (23:15)
  • Young skiers today vs. when Mark was coming up (38:50)
  • Gear Talk: Mark’s go-to skis (44:45)
  • Mark’s fitness regimen (49:50)
  • Diet: eating for performance and recovery (53:44)
  • Other health & wellness practices (58:49)
  • Mark’s baseline indicator for ski-season readiness (1:03:57)

To put it mildly, Mark Abma is having one very remarkable ski career. And for a long time now, he has stood right at the center of big-mountain skiing.

So we talked to Mark about sharing an apartment back in the day with JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, and Anthony Boronowski; filming with Shane McConkey, Hugo Harrison, and Ingrid Backstrom; serving now as a guide for a new generation of skiers like Sam Kuch and Logan Pehota; the fitness and dietary regimen that has allowed Mark to continue to operate each year at a high level; and his broader health and wellness practices that not only allow him to perform so well in big terrain, but enable him to lead a happy and healthy life off the mountain, too.

Pro skier, Mark Abma, talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about Abma's career, lifestyle, inspirations, and more on the Blister Podcast

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