Martinus Evans, 300 Pounds & Running (Ep. 60)


  • Getting into Running (5:52)
  • 1st marathon (11:50)
  • Music (19:14)
  • Masters Thesis & Media Today (24:37)
  • Police & being a Black runner (34:33)
  • Slow AF Run Club (49:18)
  • Pizza & Carrot Cake (56:57)
  • What’s Next? (1:03:00)

Martinus Evans is the founder of, the founder of the Slow AF Run Club, a marathon runner, a DJ, the host of the 300 Pounds And Running podcast, and more. And this week, Brendan Leonard and I talk to Martinus about modern media, being a Black runner in 2020, DJ-ing, motivation, Detroit pizza vs. Chicago pizza, the Slow AF Run Club Martinus started, and more.

Martinus Evans goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss founding 300poundsandrunning, the Slow AF Run Club, and more
Martinus Evans

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