New Skis, Tight Pants, & Farm Animal Analogies (Ep.90)


Luke Koppa, Kristin Sinnott, and I discuss some of the new skis, boots and apparel we’ve been testing. We also discuss what skis we prefer for off-piste, icy conditions; the merits of slim fit ski pants; which ski boots are best described as “donkeys”; and more.
Jonathan Ellsworth, Kristin Sinnott, & Luke Koppa discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast some of the K2, Blizzard, Nordica, Rossignol, Dynastar, & WNDR Alpine skis they've been reviewing, and more.
Jonathan Ellsworth on the Blizzard Cochise 106, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

17 comments on “New Skis, Tight Pants, & Farm Animal Analogies (Ep.90)”

  1. Another one for Team Ellsworth in the pants world. As someone who has larger quads but a slimmer waist and lower leg it is a bane of my existence to find pants that aren’t crazy tight in the thighs that don’t look like a garbage bag below the knee. Petition for ski companies to expand the thigh sizes on their pants +1.

  2. Best ski pants are KJUS Formula and Formula Pro And they are quite tight. But they have four way stretch materials ,a bit of insulation ,good waterproofing, and very comfortable.
    Only problem quite expensive , look for sales, and previous years models.

  3. I hate, hate, hate baggy pants. I prefer a slimmer fit, not skin-tight by any means, but maybe like a roomier pair of khakis or dress slacks. A euro fit, I guess. Of course, I’m an old coot, so of course I don’t like the parachute pant-looking baggy ski pants so many of the young’uns, and Jonathan, are wearing.

  4. How many reviews would it take for the Blister crew to do the telemark video in the fuzzy underwear? (Whatever that was called )

  5. I think we need to establish some firm goals in terms of “genuflection depth” for the telemark project.

    A well-balanced alpine rider can usually fake-a-mark well enough in modern plastic boots. Sure, you might face-plant once or twice, and that will be amusing to watch, but what we really want to see is some 80s-leather-boot-worthy, uphill-pole-planting, knees-to-the-skis steez.

    • Uh oh – your expectations seem to be much higher than our expectations.

      “Was that tele?? / Did I just tele?? / That wasn’t tele!!” will likely be a significant aspect of this video, I suspect.

      • Nah, I was just looking for an excuse to drop a “knees to the skis steez” rhyme.

        My favorite line from the entire podcast: “Dan Abrams, what’s up?”.

  6. My Spyder Bormio has a nice tailored fit and skis well with a stretch goretex outer…

    …but the durability of that 4-way stretch fabric has been absolutely terrible. Had to have 1 seam repaired under warranty after just a few days of skiing and now they have like 4 separate tenacious tape patches and a couple other seams are looking suspect after ~30 days of skiing. I’m just not convinced that stretch fabric can handle aggressive skiing.

    My next pair will probably be a looser fit with no stretch.

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