Racing, Rossignol, & Rye Whiskey (Ep.88)

We’re on location in Shoreham, Vermont, talking to ski-industry veteran, Jason Newell, about his transition from ski racing, to working with the Rossignol Group for 25 years, to his latest adventure in a whole new category: premium whiskey. (And there might be a story or two involving duct tape, Candide Thovex and burning couches.)

Jonathan Ellsworth talks to WhistlePig Whiskey CMO, Jason Newell, on the BLISTER Podcast
Jason Newell


  • Jason’s background & racing days (2:49)
  • 25 years with The Rossignol Group (8:13)
  • Taping Candide Thovex to a gondola, burning couches, and more (10:58)
  • Biggest changes in skiing over your career? (18:58)
  • Which is most important: sidecut, length, rocker profile, or ski width? (22:34)
  • Look bindings (23:25)
  • A new career in whiskey (26:44)
  • The story behind WhistlePig (28:28)
  • The “Rye” renaissance (31:55)

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