Ski Mountaineer Greg Hill on “Progress, not Perfection” (Ep.76)

Ski Mountaineer, Greg Hill on the Blister Podcast
Greg Hill (photo by Angela Percival // Arc’teryx)

Earlier this year I sat down with Greg Hill and Chris Rubens to talk about their “Electric Adventures” (episode #66), and we also discuss in that episode a bit about Greg’s background. And in this new conversation, our focus is on the present and the future. Greg and I discuss the new Canadian chapter of Protect Our Winters; get Greg’s advice for how to productively deal with what he calls “eco-anxiety”; we talk about a new app called 57 Hours that is more effectively connecting guides with skiers, bikers, and climbers; and I ask Greg what piece of backcountry safety equipment he is currently most excited about.


  • Kids, trampolines, and backcountry skiing (2:10)
  • Greg’s work with Protect our Winters Canada (8:45)
  • “Eco-Anxiety” and productive responses (13:08)
  • An update on Greg’s Electric Adventures (22:30)
  • Greg’s take on the growing category of electric vehicles (34:18)
  • Greg’s work as a guide (39:12)
  • New guide app 57 Hours — why Greg and I are excited about it (41:14)
  • What new backcountry safety equipment are you most excited about? (47:08)

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