Snowboarder Kelly Clark on Her 20-Year Career (Ep.79)

The winningest snowboarder in history, Kelly Clark, recently retired after an astonishing 20-year career of competition. So we talked to Kelly about that career; the new limited-edition “RISE” snowboard she designed with Burton; how snowboarding has evolved; her relationship with Chloe Kim; the mission of the Kelly Clark Foundation; her extremely important thoughts on “achievement” and “success”; and what’s next for her.

Kelly Clark discusses her 20-year career; her book "Inspired"; and more on the Blister Podcast
Kelly Clark at Baldface Lodge, BC. (photo by Dean Blotto)


  • Kelly’s very busy “retirement” (3:27)
  • Her limited-edition “RISE” snowboard from Burton (4:24)
  • Biggest changes to snowboarding over her 20-year career (7:52)
  • Injuries: 3 things Kelly did to mitigate them (9:10)
  • Chloe Kim: How similar or different do you view your early careers? (14:55)
  • Happiness vs achievement; defining “success” (17:30)
  • The value of separating your private and public selves (24:32)
  • Kelly’s book, Inspired, and the importance of giving back (30:36)
  • The Kelly Clark Foundation and how they’re empowering communities (33:24)
  • What she plans for this next phase of life (36:00)

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