Stevie Kremer Does Things Different (Ep.4)


  • Sitcoms and life lessons (2:12)
  • Stevie’s background & early races (4:00)
  • Hangovers & long-distance mountain races (8:00)
  • Running at over 21,000 ft. elevation (18:30)
  • Stevie’s (remarkably) precise daily routine (24:59)
  • Ski mountaineering & running (34:23)
  • Racing goals in exotic locations (38:50)
  • The Salomon Eleven Running Experience (42:50)
  • Running & real life (47:22)
  • What do you listen to when trail running? (52:30)

Stevie Kremer is a world-class runner, but her life sure doesn’t include many of the stereotypes that description might conjure up. So we discuss her unusual training routine; sitcoms & life lessons; how she got into trail running and ski mountaineering; and juggling being a runner, mother, and educator.

Jonathan Ellsworth talks with runner, mother, and educator, Stevie Kremer, on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast
Stevie Kremer

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