Andrew Alexander King: On Climbing in the Alps

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Today, we hear from Andrew Alexander King

Andrew Alexander King: On Climbing in the Alps, BLISTER
photo by Matt Groom

The Approach

As the soul becomes bold,

Let it not be ignorant to the night,

Wrestling with excitement and delight,

As one ascends up into the clouds,

Calming our breath so our heart is not loud,

It is here and now we suspend our ego,

Giving ourselves a chance to grow,

Humbled by the sunrise,

And day that has begun with all we do not know,


As I move with each step,

Finding truth in my breath,

Gazing above at what is next,

Examine the rock to find what is best,

Locking my hand into a grip to rest,

I know this route is a game of mental chess,

But it here in this stone,

I’m no longer alone,

Many have come to climb these mountains and call them home,

So, I go on like they do,

To find something inside that is true,


Why do you climb?

Is it to hide what’s inside?

Or feel safe from a world where you are often denied,

Or is it because nature will never lie?

Whatever the reason remember this thought,

From time to time,

What you climb for

is just as important

as what you climb

At the top of each summit awaits what was already inside you,

Nature just gave you a place to listen,

And respect what is true.

So, climb up towards,

The truth that awaits you.

What Will Remain

Since birth,

All I have known is this Earth,

Soaked in beauty from the rain,

When I’m gone what will remain?

Will it be my voice?

Ringing loud like thunder,


Will it ring as soft as the waves crashing along the shores during summer,

Will memories of my touch still spark passion in one’s desires and burn bright?

Will my face be clear to see in minds like smiles around a campfire night?

What will come of me?

As time drips away and I no longer remain.

As the sun rises in our hearts,

Andrew Alexander King: On Climbing in the Alps, BLISTER
Andrew Alexander King: On Climbing in the Alps, BLISTER
Andrew Alexander King: On Climbing in the Alps, BLISTER

About Andrew Alexander King

Andrew Alexander King is an African American explorer (climber, surfer, and free diver) who was born in Detroit, Michigan. He has climbed over 50 different mountains around the world from Kilimanjaro, to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, to the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. And he’s surfed big waves in Mexico, Europe and Hawaii.

Andrew is currently training and climbing towards being the first African American to summit the highest mountain and volcano on each continent to speak out against racism sexism, climate change, and economic barriers. He is strong believer in developing sustainable relationships with non-profits and other humanitarian organizations along the journey with The Between Worlds Project Foundation that he founded and developed.

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