Trip Report: Taos Ski Valley – February, 2011

Best moment of the two days? Easy. That came from BLISTER reviewer and Taos ski patroller Justin Bobb. Justin is actually the first patroller in Taos Ski Valley history to patrol on a snowboard. He calls himself the boarder patrol. Everybody else just calls him “dirty.” It’s a little hard to believe that a guy this good-natured, humble, and helpful is the same dude slaying lines and stomping cliffs with complete abandon.

Trip Report: Taos Ski Valley – February, 2011, BLISTER
Justin Bobb, a.k.a., “boarder patrol,” a.k.a., “dirty.”

Okay, back to the best moment: Monday was a quintessential bluebird day at Taos with plenty of fresh, light snow. Justin had just hucked a big rock at the top of Kitchen Wall (the landing zone was sketchier than any of us will ever admit), and he didn’t like the angle he took. “Too far across the fall line.” When we were back on top of the ridge deciding where to head next, Justin said he wanted that rock again. “This time,” he said, “I’m going to hit it a lot more to the left. And I’m going to go WAY bigger.”

We all just sort of looked at each other, and everybody was clearly having the same thought: Dude, you just went huge off that thing!

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