Trip Report: Taos Ski Valley – February, 2011

True to his word, Justin launched straight down the fall line and did go way bigger. The outcrop of rocks that made for a sketchy landing were a non issue, as Justin landed 20-30 feet beyond it.

Trip Report: Taos Ski Valley – February, 2011, BLISTER
Justin Bobb, Kitchen Wall, Taos.

For two straight days, we took turns stating the same refrain: “Man this is fun.” And it was. Hanging out with great friends; hunting for fresh tracks, sweet lines, and good light; soaking up the beauty of the mountains; discussing the pros and cons of that board, these boots, and those skis; cheering for big airs and nice turns; laughing constantly.

I realize there are other things you can do over a three day weekend; I just can’t imagine why you’d ever want to do anything else.

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