12/13 Atomic Redster Pro 130

Atomic Redster Pro 130, Blister Gear ReviewThe Redster PRO 130 is Atomic’s new flagship, high-performance race boot. The all new 98mm last was designed with input from athletes and boot fitters with specific attention to the most common issues with previous Atomic boots. The Redster has more room in the forefoot and navicular, a raised instep, wider heel cup, and tighter Achilles.

The upper cuff also has some innovative features. Atomic has incorporated strands of carbon fiber with the plastic in the rear spine to increase lateral stiffness and rear support while maintaining a material that can still be modified for any necessary bootfitting tweaks.

Atomic also claims that this stiff cuff allows the rest of the boot to be slightly softer, allegedly creating a better on-snow feel.

Atomic has included several features that allow for more personal tailoring and customization. The cuff alignment has been increased to eight degrees of lateral adjustment. Another unique feature is the Redster’s 10 millimeters of available cuff rotation, which also allows for greater customization of the upper cuff.

The final aspect of the Redster’s custom adjustments is the choice of three different boot board frames, each with varying degrees of hardness. These frames sit between the shell of the boot and the actual boot board. Our hunch is that a softer frame might be used to provide a softer, damper ride, whereas a stiffer frame will provide a more immediate transfer of energy into the ski, giving the boot a more responsive feel. We are certainly curious to see how much these different board frames affect the performance and feel of the boot.

Lots of performance potential + lots of customization options = lots to potentially like, and you can now read Jonathan Ellsworth’s review of the Atomic Redster Pro 130.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m thinking of getting some Salamon XMax130. Did you happen to have these to review. I tried them on in store but was wondering if anyone has skied with them. I have a fairly narrow foot. So far I’ve heard they are really big, I measure a 265 and tried the 260 but I’m really tempted to go for the 255. Any thoughts?



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