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Lange XT 130, Blister Gear ReviewAlso with us in Las Leñas is the new Lange XT 130 LV, a freeride alpine boot with a walk mode. In short, Lange is calling it a high-performance alpine boot that climbs, and that sounds perfect to our ears, though, of course, the devil is always in the details.

Starting from the ground, the bottom of the XT 130 LVs is covered from toe to heel in Ultagrip rubber. In addition to the Ultragrip toe and heel pads that are found on the Lange RX line, the XT series has an Ultragrip arch pad that wraps the full width of the foot and then some. This additional rubber looks like it will provide great traction and stability for rock scrambling where the RX can be a little precarious for serious scrambling, such as what you might encounter early season on the way up Cody Peak in the Jackson Hole sidecountry.

Lange XT130 Ultragrip arch pad, Blister Gear Review
Ultragrip toe, heel, and arch pad.

Also, the lower shell of the XT 130 is the same mold / last as Lange’s popular RX and RS lines.

Moving up from there is the Power V-lock walk-mode system, which is where this boot differentiates itself from other Lange models. Lange claims that the Power V-lock gives the boot an extended range of motion in hike mode while providing a forward and lateral lock in ski mode that is unrivaled by other current AT boot models.

Combine the walk mode and grippy rubber with an ultralight liner and lighter buckles, and the XT 130 looks pretty sweet on paper.

One interesting thing to note is how Lange is marketing this boot. They have avoided calling it a “Freeride AT boot,” instead choosing to describe it as a full-on Alpine boot. We are curious to see if the boot lives up to the expectations that Lange has set with this categorization, as some early reports have questioned whether the XT 130’s flex is really as stiff as the Lange RX or RS 130 boots when locked for downhill skiing.

We arrived yesterday morning at Las Leñas, and since it was our first day, we took things pretty easy, acclimated a bit to being on skis again, and got familiar with our new boots. We made some adjustments last night, and now we can’t wait to get up on the Marte lift and really start to put this and our other boots to the test.

(See our review of the Lange XT 130 LV.)

6 comments on “Lange XT 130 LV”

  1. I appreciate your great reviews – honest & straightforward
    Am very fortunate – get to spend my ski season at
    Alta & the Bird
    Currently skiing on Lange RS 110 LV
    I weigh 160 — height 5’10”
    ski with the Alta “Senior ski bums”
    ski most everywhere — but let you young guys
    zoom past on the high T

    Looking forward to getting XT LV
    not sure of best flex for me ? 130 or 100
    Heard the 130 skis slightly softer due to it’s power lock

    would welcome you thoughts

    • George,

      The XT 130 is not nearly as stiff as the RX 130, which leads me to believe that the XT 100 LV will be softer than the RS 110 LV.

      At this point I cannot say with certainty that the XT is softer due to the Power V-lock, the softer plastic or a combination of the two.

      The full review will be up later this week.

  2. I, like many, are in search of a alpine boot that tours. Last year I purchased Technica’s cochise. I skied it a few days and hated it. Luckily I was able to return it nearly 1 year later and I bought the Lange XT low volume. After reading your review I’m quite nervous. i don’t know if I have the newer version with the mod to eliminate the few mm’s of cuff flex. I’m interested if you have made the mod and did it make a difference? i haven’t skied it yet. Should return it and try again?

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