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    • Hi Brett. I just spend five days touring in northern Norway with my Ripsticks skiing everything from ice to slush and yes, fresh powder. Being 6.6”/220lbs they require confidence and a fair amount of steep/charging but boy when you get there, the skis work like charm. We had half a meter of powder at best and Ripsticks float beautifully. Firn/spring snow is another favorite where these shine.

      I have to agree with the review backcountry icepack/crud is the weak spot for these skis—the flipside of playfulness and is you get to backseat somewhat easily especially when the snow is deep & wet or icy. Like said, these skis reward aggressive stance. I wear Dalbello Lupo AXs and will be experimenting with steepening their forward lean with some add-one for next season to help with that. Other than this, I’ve really enjoyed my 20+ days of skiing *everything* with my Ripsticks.

      • Hi Samin,
        Hi Brett,

        Curious about the length. I am 6‘4 185 lbs. Is the 188 enough ski? The actual length is only 184 and the Ski has some early taper/tip rocker. I ski an Rossi Soul 7 (1st generation) and it is fine, but sometimes a bit short/soft. Would be interested to hear your thoughts…

  1. Hey guys. Did both of you prefer the 181cm? I’m surprised you went down a size considering they’re actually a few cm shorter than advertised. I’m 6’1” 180lbs and was thinking 188 for sure until I read your review. I have old sin 7’s in 188, but that ski skis extremely short.
    How would you compare these to the new Rustler 10. Was also interested in the Black Crow Altas – is it really worth the extra $?
    I’m an advanced, but not expert skier. I usually get around 15 days a year up in Whistler.

    Thanks for doing what you guys do

  2. Awesome review as always. Well done. You guys are the best. What are these other skis for plowing through chopped up snow, you refer to but don’t state by name? Thanks.

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