18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide


We love beautifully made print books. There’s something wonderful about holding a hefty, collectible book in your hands that you can pick up, flip through, and come back to whenever you feel like it. We’ve been sent a lot of photos of our Buyer’s Guides gracing the coffee tables of passionate skiers all around the world, and it gets us every time. So if you love print, become a Blister member now to guarantee that you get a copy, or purchase the guide by itself while supplies last. The print guide is $9.99, and will ship out mid October.


6 comments on “18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I really love your Reviews and comments from powderhounds for powderhounds move on and looking fwd to whats going to come. As I’m Bavaria (Germany ) based I desperatly wait for SNOW!!

  2. best gear guide out there, great work!

    A little curious when you compare the different skis. In the group All-mountain more forgiving the Sakana 174 didnt place that well vs many other skis in deep snow performance despite that they should perform better the average for the same waist width. Any insight that I have missed?

  3. I am an expert skier (180lbs) with 35+ yrs experience and a very aggressive style. I try to ski mostly on bumps or powder (or both) but Ive not bought my own skis in many years and am now looking to buy something that would do well in either (if possible). I would probably pair these shift bindings and would also lean toward a narrower waist for quicker turns on bumps, couloirs, trees etc. The choices these days a pretty overwhelming but Rossy Sky 7 have caught my eye, but then again so has the Enforcers, the Kendo, Head Cores, Navigators, J-Skiis and others! Any help in choosing would be much appreciated .

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