Blister Summit Brand Lineups: ROSSIGNOL 21/22

At the Blister Summit, we dove deep into Rossignol’s 21/22 ski lineup, with Rossi’s alpine category manager, Jake Stevens. We discussed the decision to kill the “7 Series” and the Soul 7; what they are going for with their Black Ops series that replaces it; why “-ish” is a very important suffix for Rossignol; and more.

  • 02:10​ Jake’s Background
  • 07:32​ The launch of the Soul 7
  • 13:38​ The stealth launch of the Blackops 118 & 98
  • 19:52​ Killing the Soul 7
  • 24:50​ Black Ops Gamer & Holy Shred
  • 29:22​ Black Ops Stargazer & Escaper
  • 31:34​ Progressive waist widths
  • 37:05​ Black Ops Sender
  • 39:13​ Which Blackops ski is most similar to the Soul 7?
  • 41:57​ Black Ops Rallybird
  • 45:01​ Black Ops Sender Ti
  • 54:26​ Black Ops Rallybird Ti
  • 56:20​ Black Ops Sender Squad
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1 comment on “Blister Summit Brand Lineups: ROSSIGNOL 21/22”

  1. Enjoy these videos, great to get the run down as well as the thinking behind the lines. I remember being in Sauze D’Oulx in Italy skiing with friends, one of whom has the v2 Soul 7, and I had read the news overnight that the 7 Series was going. Told him whilst on a chair and nobody would believe me. Think it’s fair to say the current line up makes more sense and Jake was right that other 7 Series skis were not the same phenomenon as the Soul 7. Still think they should make a shorter Sender Squad though – 110ish @ 186 sounds great

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