Cam Smith on Setting The Grand Traverse Record & Training for Skiing, Running, & Mtn Biking (Ep.163)

Cam Smith goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss winning the 2021 Grand Traverse Ski Race with Tom Goth, training for skiing, mountain biking, running; and more
Cam Smith & Tom Goth on their way to winning the 2021 Grand Traverse. (photo by Chris Miller)

Last Sunday, Cam Smith and Tom Goth set a new record at the Grand Traverse, which is a point-to-point ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen. Starting at midnight, racers travel 40 miles across the Elk Mountain range, climbing over 6,800 vertical feet. Cam is also a repeat winner of the Triple Crown of The Grand Traverse, so I talked to Cam about his record-setting night; skiing vs. skimo; his World Cup ski goals; and how he specifically trains for skiing and mountain running and mountain biking.


  • What is the Grand Traverse? (3:58)
  • Winning the Triple Crown (7:58)
  • Skiing under a full moon (11:41)
  • Suffering during the GT? (14:41)
  • Ski, Bike, Run: where have you most improved? (19:58)
  • Cam’s background (25:22)
  • Cam’s training program (28:45)
  • Gear: how particular are you? (34:34)
  • Current state of Skimo (37:46)
  • Your future plans & goals? (47:05)
  • Living Journeys fundraiser (54:41)


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