Get The 2021-2022 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide

Blister's 2021-2022 Winter Buyer's Guide
2021-2022 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide cover, featuring reviewer Dylan Wood at Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

We’ve wrapped up our 21/22 Winter Buyer’s Guide, and we’re once again confident that it’ll be the best ski buyer’s guide on the market. It includes 230+ skis, 50+ boots, and tons of AT bindings, helmets, goggles, and apparel.

Right now, Blister Members can view the digital version of the guide on the Blister Member Clubhouse page on our site.

Not a member? Become a Blister Member to not only get access to the digital version before anyone else, but also receive a hard copy, personalized gear recommendations, exclusive deals, and more. Or you can pre-order just the guide itself, and by pre-ordering, you’ll get it at the lowest price possible.

This year’s cover photo was taken by our managing editor, Luke Koppa, and features reviewer Dylan Wood skiing the Elan Ripstick 116 on a fantastic bluebird pow day last season at Mt. Crested Butte. 

List of Included Skis —2021-2022 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide
List of Included Skis (click to expand)
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26 comments on “Get The 2021-2022 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide”

    • I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! Unfortunately, my wife is much harder to convince for toys than my parents were.

    • Not sure whether that’s an order, or a report on your own status. But it pretty well sums up our situation.

      Finishing touches getting put on the guide now…

  1. Does anyone else skip straight to the “best of” first? and then go back and read all of the sections from start to finish…. is that cheating?

    Also, while I’m here, when are you guys going to drop the “Top 10 ski movies of all time” podcast? or you could do separate pods and rank the movies for each decade? I think I would rather that than “Ski Boot Deep Dive Vol. 43: The effect of plastic dye on ski boot stiffness and heat retention”…..just saying :)

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

    Hey, can you add a new category for Ski boots? I am really keen on finding out what effects do plastic dyes have on ski boot stiffness and heat retention. A rating for each boot’s stiffness and retention per dye would be insanely GNAR!

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Great work as always Jonathan, Luke, and team. I have already spent way too much time reading it and rethinking my quiver and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Can’t wait to see what other new skis you get on this year too but for now pop the champagne and get some rest!

  4. Really enjoying the Buyers Guide but there’s one ski I really wanted to hear about, the J Skis Fastforward. Will you guys being doing a review of it?

    • Lo7,

      Moment has changed up the Wildcat since we’ve been on it last, and we’d like to get on the newest version before we say anything definitive about it. So, we will be doing that this season, and you can expect to see our take on the latest edition of this fabled ski on our site as well as in next year’s guide.

      Stay tuned!

  5. Love the guide. Also something I look forward to each year. Noticed no ON3P this year (or did I miss a few inclusions?). Not getting skis from them currently or something going on there. Thanks for putting in all the time to give meaningful reviews.

  6. I ran to my mailbox and almost lost my cookies thinking I had received the Blister 21/22 winter review but it turned out to be a boring professional journal. What I most love about Blister is the “forgiving” category. Thank you for including reviews geared toward people like me: the passionate middle-aged intermediate. I will never ski like Luke Koppa and at my age I can’t even aspire to that level of steeze. But my heartfelt thanks goes out to Luke and the Blister team for putting themselves in my shoes errrm… more like 100-flex comfort boots. Blister understands I don’t need a hard charger, and I don’t even need much stability. All I need is a lift ticket and a wonderfully soft and forgiving flex to get me through the middle aged mogul patch.

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