How Outdoor Companies are Helping to Fight COVID-19

Outdoor Industry Brands helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic; Blister
Yeti face shields, made in collaboration with Smith & Black Diamond.


Two weeks ago on our Bikes & Big Ideas podcast, we talked with some of the founders and CEOs of Shaggy’s Skis, Kitsbow, & Industry Nine, about how their companies had pivoted to produce “PPE” (personal protective equipment) that is still in very short supply during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We’d encourage you to listen to the episode, since a lot of the decision-making processes and the steps taken to change production are similar to how some of the companies below have pivoted.

And as we noted on that podcast, there were a number of other companies that were taking steps to contribute. So we’ve put together an updated list of outdoor companies that are doing their part to help. We’ll try to keep this list updated as we learn of more initiatives by more brands, and feel free to leave a comment below if you know of any companies that should be included.

Finally, we are acutely aware that many companies are contributing significantly right now simply by figuring out how to keep their staff employed, and keep them safe. And we very much appreciate and applaud those efforts, too.

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3 comments on “How Outdoor Companies are Helping to Fight COVID-19”

  1. Shaggys’ shared their face shield design with Parlor and so now they’re producing them as well.

    Well done guys!

  2. How did Burton miss your list? 500K N95 masks donated to Dartmouth and NYC hospitals, supporting and donating to goggles for docs, sewing masks. And telling people to “stay the f@ck home” (their words, not mine).
    Thank you for your list. I’m an Anesthesiologist and sincerely appreciate that companies and people are contributing to myself and my colleagues. I know who my companies are – it is bigger than dollars and cents. Thank you.

  3. It’s time for an article on how to comply with the upcoming Covid 19 protocols. Jackson Hole is requiring masks in lift lines and gondolas. What is available that will work with ski goggles and helmet? I suppose we can all just pull our balaclava up over our mouth and nose, but it doesn’t really do anything to prevent the spread of Covid 19. And it will soon be damp and gross.
    I’ve been searching a bit, but could really use the horsepower of Blister staff to find comfortable, effective mouth and nose covering.
    I hope you are already on it.

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