Freerunner, Dom Di Tommaso (@domtomato) (Ep. 46)


  • What sports were you into growing up? (5:59)
  • Freerunning vs. Parkour? (23:14)
  • What’s your craziest idea? (33:49)
  • Progression & training (36:48)
  • Injury history (42:44)
  • How to handle massive drops & landings (51:32)
  • Track & Field: what would be your best events? (59:13)
  • Your strengths & areas where you want to improve? (1:03:25)
  • The freerunning community (1:08:45)
  • Acting, Movies, & Freerunning (1:14:43)

Instagram: @domtomato
YouTube: Dom Tomato Channel

Dom di Tommaso (@domtomato) is a freerunner, a certified mind blower, and the guy behind one of our favorite Instagram pages and YouTube channels in the world. He is also a fascinating person and a perfect reminder that “running” is not a sport that we should narrowly define. So we talked to Dom about his uncommon upbringing; his training, his focus, his injury history, and how he avoids dying doing the stuff he does; similarities between the freerunning community and the long-distance running community; and more.

Dominic Di Tommaso talks freerunning on Blister's Off the Couch podcast.
Dominic Di Tommaso during filming for "DOM-inating" in Cairo, Egypt. (photo: Dan Vojtech / Red Bull Content Pool)

2 comments on “Freerunner, Dom Di Tommaso (@domtomato) (Ep. 46)”

  1. Dom is amazing and I found it super interesting (and it made sense) that he was into figure skating and ballet at a young age. He has a positive infectious attitude and I wish him the best and I really hope he doesn’t get hurt throwing front flips off of 5 meters onto concrete.
    I trail run and was told to ease into it as your micro muscles around your ankles strengthen and can take rougher terrain as one transitions from road running. I generally found that to be true. Dom must have crazy strength around his ankles and knees and I think he would CRUSH trail running downhills.

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