2020 Outdoor Retailer Highlights (Ep.85)


  • New trends in apparel (3:43)
  • New trends in skis (10:58)
  • Gear we’re most curious to try (14:20)
  • Gear we’re most tempted to steal (31:00)
  • Weirdest thing we saw (39:41)

We sat down at the Outdoor Retailer / SIA show to discuss some of the most notable trends, interesting products, weirdest products, and the thing at the show that caused Jonathan to legally change his name.

Sam Shaheen at the Winter Outdoor Retailer 2020
Sam Shaheen, child prodigy.

7 comments on “2020 Outdoor Retailer Highlights (Ep.85)”

  1. It was really cool to hear how stoked everyone was on the podcast. For better or worse, the Snow Show is sort of a “State of the Union” and reflects the attitudes of the industry. There were a lot of smiles and optimism. Did I hear correctly that something resembling a flight helmet and visor is “in” now? I digress.

    What I really came to say was that I’ll offer up a nice bottle to the first person to get Max G. Force in a 3L anorak.

  2. Jonathan’s comments at 6:48 were like a knife in the heart— I just bought and mounted the Rossi Super 7 RD on Blister’s recommendation! They are now as obsolete as my 1989 Patagonia Anorak shell. Oh, wait a minute…….

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