A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt 1: The Basics (Ep.212)

In this first episode of our new “Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting” series, Blister reviewer (and bootfitter) Kara Williard sits down with Sam Tischendorf, a Master Bootfitter who understands the craft from all sides — from her background in clinical podiatry to working as a lead bootfitter, instructing at Masterfit University, collaborating with Tecnica, and more. They discuss some of the basic principles in achieving a great ski boot fit; why communication and in-person interactions outweigh technology when it comes to bootfitting; and some of the things to consider when you sit down with your bootfitter.


  • Sam Tischendorf’s background in Clinical Podiatry (4:56)
  • How She Got into Skiing (8:41)
  • Her Current Work as a Bootfitter (16:40)
  • Masterfit University (21:41)
  • Tecnica’s Women 2 Women & P165 (30:05)
  • Bootfitting is Feelings (37:47)
  • Communication with your Bootfitter (58:10)
  • The Customization Process (1:04:29)
  • Boot Longevity (1:10:58)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:22:23)



7 comments on “A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt 1: The Basics (Ep.212)”

  1. I am a fit athletic Senior age 66 male and have size 11.5 – 12 very flat narrow feet and large ankle bones! I am an advanced intermediate skier. My ski style is probably 90% on Black and Blue groomers and 10% of the time in trees and moguls. I ski 100% of the time in Big Sky, MT. Any suggestions for getting a good fit for my foot problems would be appreciated!

    • Have you tried Intuition liners? We have liners for all types of feet. I would suggest the Dreamliner. It has a think instep but room for your ankles. It come with additional insoles you can create volume with for your narrow feet!

  2. Really looking forward to listening to this, so much to learn! Am assuming it will be like Jonathan’s conversations with Matt Manser with at least 9 more episodes to come?

  3. Very good podcast. On Boot dryers any thing to watch for. I’ve heard that there are some not to use because they are too warm and will change the insole or any molding that was done.

    • Recommend DryGuy Travel Dry DX … use at home or in vehicle (via cigarette lighter plug-in). I have Sidas insoles inside my Intuition ski boot liners and works great … not too hot … just warm enough. Have left it running overnight, no problem. Great to warm up boots on way to resort.

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