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Cam Smith goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss winning the 2021 Grand Traverse Ski Race with Tom Goth, training for skiing, mountain biking, running; and more

Cam Smith on Setting The Grand Traverse Record & Training for Skiing, Running, & Mtn Biking (Ep.163)

Last Sunday, Cam Smith and Tom Goth set a new record at the Grand Traverse, which is a point-to-point ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen. Starting at midnight, racers travel 40 miles across the Elk Mountain range, climbing over 6,800 vertical feet. Cam is also a repeat winner of the Triple Crown of The Grand Traverse, so we talked to Cam about his record-setting night; skiing vs. skimo; his World Cup ski goals; and how he specifically trains for skiing and mountain running and mountain biking.

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Cody Townsend goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to review the news of February, 2021

Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (Feb 2021) (Ep.162)

Cody and Jonathan discuss the new rule changes re: filming in National Parks; whether it’s okay to leave your skis in the lift line to hold your spot; the future of freeride comps; the record number of avalanche fatalities in the U.S. this season; a new development in backcountry skiing; the shocking story of Dean Cummings; and we share some music, tv, and book recommendations.

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Andrew Alexander King goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his Between Worlds project, trying to become the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent, and much more

Andrew Alexander King & The Between Worlds Project (Ep.159)

Andrew Alexander King is an explorer, alpinist, climber, and surfer who was born in Detroit; has climbed over 50 different mountains around the world from Kilimanjaro to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian, and the Pacific Ocean; is currently aiming to become the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent; and is the founder of the The Between Worlds Project.

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On the Blister Podcast, several Blister reviewers discuss their highlights of 2020, and some of their resolutions and predictions about 2021

Reviewers’ 2020 Highlights & 2021 Resolutions (Ep.157)

For our first Blister Podcast of 2021, we asked a few of our reviewers to share one highlight of the past year; one thing they’re most looking forward to in 2021; and one new year’s resolution. We got quite a range of answers — and apparently Kristin Sinnott and Jonathan Ellsworth will be starting up a new reality TV show? Please enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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Elena Hight goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss her new film, Blank Canvas, her snowboarding career as a whole, and more

Snowboarder Elena Hight on Competition, Transitions, & Blank Canvas (Ep.155)

Elena Hight is an X Games Gold Medalist, two-time Olympian, and a badass. We discuss her new film, Blank Canvas; competitive drive; how similar or different it is preparing to ride a big backcountry line versus a half-pipe contest run; her time in the mountains with the likes of Hana Beaman, Travis Rice, and Danny Davis; the art of getting better at dealing with changes and transitions in life; and more.

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Beacon Guide Books founder, Andy Sovick, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss guide books in general, backcountry decision making, and more

On Guide Books & Decision Making in the Backcountry (Ep.152)

Sales of backcountry guide books are up, and more and more people are venturing out. So we talked with Beacon Guide Books founder, Andy Sovick about how he got into publishing guide books; why he actually dislikes the term “guide books”; whether or not backcountry guide books should even exist; the responsibilities that come with publishing them; why Andy is an advocate of the “ATES” system (Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale); and more.

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Athletic Brewing Company Founder, Bill Shufelt, goes on the Blister Podcast

Athletic Brewing Company founder, Bill Shufelt (Ep.151)

Athletic Brewing Company is a fast-growing brand in an emerging category that is about to blow up: non-alcoholic craft beer. So we talked to Athletic Brewing’s founder about why he started the company; the stigma of not drinking; why “near beer” has been so bad; why there’s such a need for products like this in the outdoors community; Athletic’s brewing process; how he feels about the emerging competition in the space; and more.

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Cody Townsend goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss current events ranging from Emily Harrington's 1-day free climb of El Capitan to the race to open ski areas, and much more

Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (Nov 2020) (Ep.150)

Today we are launching a new segment on the Blister Podcast. Each month, Cody Townsend and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss some of the biggest stories and most interesting news headlines from the world of outdoor sports, and on occasion, the broader world, too. We also share some of the best things we’ve watched, read, or listened to.

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Chris Read and Betty Philbin of Adaptive Sports Center of Crested Butte go on the Blister Podcast to discuss the work at the center, the current state of adaptive sports and adaptive skiing, and more

Adaptive Sports & Recreation: Past, Present, & Future (Ep.149)

Did you know that 1 out of 5 people in the United States have a disability? That is just one reason why you ought to know about the world of adaptive sports. So to get an overview of the past, present, and future of adaptive sports and recreation, we sat down with Chris Read and Betty Philbin of the Adaptive Sports Center of Crested Butte.

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Mali Noyes and Lani Bruntz go on the Blister Podcast to discuss their winter attempt of the WURL. (photo by Adam Clark)

Mali Noyes & Lani Bruntz ski The Wurl (Ep.148)

The Wurl — The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup — has gained a lot of attention in the trail running and climbing worlds, but it had never been done in the winter, and Mali Noyes and Lani Bruntz set out to ski it. So we talked with Mali and Lani about the origins of this idea to ski The Wurl, and the planning, logistics, and scouting that happened behind the scenes.

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Hunt to Eat founder, Mahting Putelis, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss Hunt to Eat, what it's all about, why it's applicable to all people, and more

Hunt to Eat founder, Mahting Putelis (Ep.147)

This is another installment in our series on food, and food systems, and our guest today was first introduced to me by Blister reviewer, Paul Forward. Mahting Putelis is the founder of Hunt to Eat, which is an organization that “exists to find modern, progressive, and inclusive ways to support and grow the community of folks that go outdoors, harvest wild meat, or plants, or fungi, and take these things home to be cooked with care for themselves or their friends and family.”

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Blister Podcast: Cody Townsend talks at the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado.

Blister Speaker Series 3.1: Cody Townsend (Ep.146)

Cody Townsend came to Western Colorado University and spoke about why his education has been so beneficial to his career; social media and the new responsibilities of athletes today; starting & growing a business (Arcade Belts); The Fifty Project and all of the behind-the-scenes work; and more.

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Black Crows Skis co-founder, Camille Jaccoux goes on the Blister Podcast

Black Crows Skis co-founder, Camille Jaccoux (Ep.144)

We talk to Black Crows Skis founder, Camille Jaccoux, about growing up in Chamonix and his background in skiing; what Black Crows is doing to grow the brand while trying to stay true to the reasons they started the company; the lost art of ski ballet; who would win in a mogul comp between Camille and Glen Plake; and more.

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Will Gadd goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his new film about Kilimanjaro's melting glaciers, The Last Ascent, how he does "all the sports," and much more

Will Gadd on The Last Ascent + Doing all the Sports (Ep.143)

We talk to the elite ice climber, Will Gadd, about ice climbing, skiing, paragliding, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking — and how they relate to one another. And we talk about his new film, The Last Ascent, which documents Will’s return to Mount Kilimanjaro to climb the Messner route and the Tanzanian ice (at 19,000’ altitude) while there’s still time.

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Heli-Guide, Doctor, Hunter, & Blister Reviewer, Paul Forward, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss hunting in Alaska, conservation, climate change, the Alaskan Pebble Mine, being a vegetarian hunter, & more

Paul Forward on Hunting, Climate Advocacy, & Conservation (Ep.141)

Blister reviewer, Paul Forward, is a lifelong hunter. Jonathan Ellsworth has been a vegetarian for over 20 years. So how much common ground do they share? We discuss that plus Paul’s latest solo hunt; why he only hunts with a bow; what the broader hunting community might learn from skiers & mtn bikers in terms of climate advocacy; and what skiers & mtn bikers could stand to learn from the hunting community about conservation.

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Chris Bombardier goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his film, Bombardier Blood, summiting the 7 Summits, his organization Save One Life, & More

Adventures of a Hemophiliac: Chris Bombardier on Climbing Mount Everest (Ep.140)

Chris Bombardier is the first person with hemophilia to complete all Seven Summits, and tomorrow, a film comes out called Bombardier Blood that tells Chris’ story and homes in on his attempt to summit Mt. Everest. So we talked to Chris about baseball (and sharks); hemophilia and the experience of those who have the condition; climbing Everest; the important work of Save One Life; and more.

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Sam Degenhard goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss the current state of camping in general, the many different versions of "camping," his company, Campfire Ranch, & More

Current State of the Camping Industry (Ep. 139)

“Camping” is a massive industry, and a lot goes on under that single name. So on our latest Blister Podcast, we discuss who’s doing it; what the different segments of camping are; the most important trends; some of the current problems and challenges in the space; and some of the potential solutions.

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Jeremy Bloom goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss competing on the US Ski Team and Olympic Skiing team, being drafted into the NFL, mental health and the HBO film The Weight of Gold, & More

Jeremy Bloom on Winning, Happiness, & The Weight of Gold (Ep. 138)

Jeremy Bloom is a 3-time world champion mogul skier, a 2-time Olympian, an 11-time World Cup gold medalist, and an All-American football player that was drafted into the NFL. He’s also the executive producer of an important new film, The Weight of Gold, which explores the mental health challenges that Olympic athletes often face. So we talked to Jeremy about his own background; the pursuit of athletic excellence; winning and happiness; brain health; and more.

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National Brotherhood of Skiers co-founder & U.S. Ski Hall of Fame inductee, Art Clay (Ep. 137)

Art Clay is the co-founder of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, and he and his NBS co-founder, Ben Finley, are the first African Americans elected into the US Ski-Snowboard Hall of Fame. This past weekend, Jonathan Ellsworth sat down with Art at his home in Chicago to talk about growing up in Chicago in the 1940s; his first time skiing; the idea to start the National Brotherhood of Skiers; cutie pies; the Black Summit; and more.

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Judge Craig Mitchell goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the Skid Row Running Club

Skid Row Running Club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell (Ep. 136)

Whether or not you’re a runner, you ought to know about the Skid Row Running Club and the Skid Row Marathon. We talk to the club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell, about why he started the club; his background; the duty of police officers to protect and serve; the need for minimum sentencing reform; and much more.

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Hilary Eisen goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the changes being made to it, why outdoor enthusiasts should care, and what they can do to help protect NEPA

What You Need to Know – and Do – about the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) (Ep. 134)

You are probably familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but what do you know about the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)? NEPA is a critical piece of legislation, and each of us needs to understand what it does and why it matters so much — especially since some major changes to NEPA are being proposed that could have extremely serious environmental and human rights consequences. So to help us understand the high stakes of the changes being proposed, we spoke to Hilary Eisen, the policy director for the Winter Wildlands Alliance.

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