Adventures of a Hemophiliac: Chris Bombardier on Climbing Mount Everest (Ep.140)


  • Baseball, sharks, & growing up w/ hemophilia (3:00)
  • What exactly is Hemophilia? (7:28)
  • Playing baseball, dealing w/ injuries? (16:00)
  • The importance of “Factor” (22:40)
  • The film, Bombardier Blood (29:22)
  • The Seven Summits (32:42)
  • Attempting Everest (36:28)
  • Hemophilia & Everest (46:15)
  • Save One Life (49:51)

On January 6, 2018, Chris Bombardier became the first person with hemophilia to complete all Seven Summits, and tomorrow a film comes out called Bombardier Blood that tells Chris’ story and zooms in on his attempt to summit Mt. Everest.

Chris is also now the executive director of the organization, Save One Life, whose mission is to improve the quality of life and future for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries.

So in this conversation, you’ll be introduced to a wonderful guy named Chris; you’ll learn more about hemophilia and better understand the experience of those who have the condition; you’ll learn more about the work of Save One Life; and then tomorrow, you’ll get to go watch Bombardier Blood and be introduced to “Crazy Uncle Dave” and a number of other wonderful people.

Chris Bombardier goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his film, Bombardier Blood, summiting the 7 Summits, his organization Save One Life, & More
Chris Bombardier taking the final steps toward the summit of Mt Everest.

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  1. As of today, I’ve listened to every Blister podcast. I’m not sure what that says about me. Let’s not discuss, and leave it for what it is. However, what I find amazing is how little the Podcast has changed during it’s run. The opening music has changed, and sound quality got better, but it seems like the overall vision is intact. I can say the same for the buyers guide. I looked at the first buyers guide. Of course production got better, but the overall vision is very consistent. No doubt the Blister crew could talk about internal lessons learned and changes behind the scenes, but from an outside view there weren’t (seemingly) wrenching revisions.
    I will tell anyone who likes the current podcast to check out old episodes. They don’t seem old. I can only think of a few clunkers: Dumpster fire…yes, it was, and another one where it seemed like Sam knew more about the topic than the industry rep he was talking to. Some guests, I suspect, you could have on once every year, either because they are very smart or they are just entertaining to listen to. If I’m having a bad day at work, I’ll put the J Lev episode on in the background. He has a way of shaving an the edge off of whatever you are dealing with.

    And many of the topics go deeper than some would think. The recent Skid Row running club was so much more than just about running. Just the right mix of politics, story telling, inspiration and entertainment. Or the Brotherhood episode, ordinary people who did extraordinary things. It’s so good that someone is bringing these corners of life to the stage to be recognized.

    I initially came to Blister because I was looking for skis. I only signed up for the Deep Dives. I debated about that at first. Then I bought the buyers guide. Then I upped to subscriber. Considering the subscription price is the same as a dinner for two where I live, it seems a trifle for what I’ve gotten. I did get those skis, I haven’t used them yet, but I feel like I made an very informed decision. But it’s the total package that I’ve come to value.

    Anyway, keep of the good work.

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