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  1. Lib Tech Ufo115s (before this years update where they stiffened them up and elongated the sidecut – so now it should be a lot better, in theory). The original UFO115 ski was pretty decent in pow, but absolutely terrifying at speed in anything remotely close to hard groomers/surfaces causing mad oscillations and loss of control while on edge. If you ski full on untracked pow all the time they might be a riot, but in any situation where you are facing changing or variable conditions there will be better skis out there that can handle variable much, much better = no feeling like you are about to slam like crazy going really fast. Amazingly, their narrower counterpart – the UFO100 – are pretty awesome, doing everything from carving groomers to going into soft snow tolerably well.

    Also, Fischer Transalp Vacuums. Not light, not stiff – very comfortable, but doesn’t stand a chance driving bigger skis when the terrain gets challenging, meaning your feet will take the entire brunt of the exercise (prepare to feel some pain…). By all means, they are lots and lots better than the absolute pain buckets that were the Salomon Quest 130 – I almost gave those away for free.

  2. For me it was the Down CD6, it looked great, nice shape, and were very light. But they were super stiff and came only in 185 length which may have been too much for my 173cm 80k body. On piste they would always want to go straight if you were not pushing down on them, and on powder they had to be skied too fast for my taste or they would not flex at all. But they were really good for doing jump turns on steep hard Snow.
    On vacuum skins I have the Scott cascade 110 skins and I love them. Never had any problems with them coming off even on days of multiple ups and downs. They make transitions really fast. I wonder if those and the Volkl are both made by Kohla.

  3. marrant Raul, je me rappelle de ton test sur skipass à l’opposé de mes impressions sur le cd6
    cd6 is a very on-off ski like lot of reverse camber
    in : paradise
    off : hell :-)

  4. the Legend X106. I feel about that ski the way you all feel about the Faction 4.0.

    Way too light and way too stiff. Never, in any condition I skied them in did I find them enjoyable. And really, they got to ski some great conditions (and some bad ones) before I said, “holy crap these really do blow and although I can get used to any ski I am never going to grow to find any quality in these that I truly like”.

    YMMV, but I have no idea how. honestly. If you can ski I cannot possibly understand why with all the choices one would choose this ski.

    Build looked typical Dynastar awesome. They do look great.

  5. Ordered the newest Hestra Seth pro model a couple of days ago, listened to this podcast yesterday(and started to regret buying them…) and recieved and tested the gloves today. Never in my life have I been more angry with any ski equipment!!!!! They are literally useless, just like you said! The lining doesnt come all the way out, but enough for it to be impossible to get them on again. How is it possible for anyone, let alone Hestra, to produce such cr*p!?!?
    Returning them first thing tomorrow!!

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