Best / Worst Ideas for Our Blister ‘Crash Course’ Videos (Ep. 22)


  • Blister ‘Crash Course’ Videos? (5:12)
  • Round 1 Ideas (8:04)
  • Round 2 Ideas (13:42)
  • Round 3 Ideas (18:05)
  • Round 4 Ideas (21:48)
  • Round 5 Ideas (29:05)
  • Round 6 Ideas (33:03)
As a way to show our appreciation for our Bikes & Big Ideas listeners, we discussed our best / worst ideas for the bikes edition of our Blister ‘Crash Course’ video series — and some of the ideas are truly magnificent. So check it out, and then please feel free to suggest your own best / worst ideas for these Blister ‘Crash Course’ videos.
David Golay trying *not* to crash on a snowy Strand Hill, Crested Butte, Colorado.

5 comments on “Best / Worst Ideas for Our Blister ‘Crash Course’ Videos (Ep. 22)”

  1. Instead of “Will it blend?” how about “Will it slice?” and test what objects a disc brake (Or Sapim CX Rays) will slice.

  2. Mountain uni cycling, it’s a thing apparently google it, the edits are sick. Definitely wanna see the blister crew try it. I’d also be interested in seeing a round involving bmx bikes.

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