Norco on their New High-Pivot Optic and Sight (Ep.211)

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High-pivot bikes are becoming increasingly common but they’re still mostly reserved for longer-travel Enduro and DH models. Given that, Norco’s decision to move their 150mm-travel Sight and especially the 125mm-travel Optic to that layout was arguably a bit of a surprise — and it wasn’t one Norco made lightly.

So we sat down with Norco engineer, Colin Ryan, to get the rundown on the new Optic and Sight, including the decision to go high-pivot and the testing that they used to validate it; how the suspension design of the new bikes differs from their other high-pivot models (and the prior-generation Optic and Sight); their new Ride Aligned setup guides; and a whole lot more.


Introducing Colin (2:50)
The new Optic & Sight (3:47)
Test mules for the new bikes & lessons learned (10:06)
Shock spec and developing tunes (19:29)
The new Ride Aligned setup guides (23:58)
Wheel sizes (31:37)
Geometry (37:32)
Sprindex springs & making setup easier (42:51)
Idler pulley testing (44:23)
The Fluid & getting weird with the Optic (46:23)

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Norco on their New High-Pivot Optic and Sight (Ep.211), BLISTER
Norco on their New High-Pivot Optic and Sight (Ep.211), BLISTER
Norco on their New High-Pivot Optic and Sight (Ep.211), BLISTER
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Norco on their New High-Pivot Optic and Sight (Ep.211), BLISTER
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