Black Sheep Sports, Sebastian Steinbach (Ep.6)

Back in 2010, Sebastian Steinbach had the crazy idea to go against traditional European ski culture and open a freeride-specific shop in Munich, Germany. Black Sheep Sports became one of the first dedicated freeride shops in Europe, and it has since evolved into one of the best freeride and backcountry shops in the Alps — which is precisely why Black Sheep is on our list of Blister Recommended Shops.

Blister senior editor, Sam Shaheen, was in Munich earlier this season to talk with Sebastian about how Black Sheep got started, the ski culture in Europe vs the ski culture in North America, and about some of Sebastian’s current favorite skis and boots for skiing in Europe.


  • Justin Bobb on his favorite Marble beer, Marble Red Ale (1:23)
  • Why the name “Black Sheep”? (7:50)
  • The crazy idea of opening a freeride shop in Europe??? (11:16)
  • European race & ski touring culture vs freeride culture (14:56)
  • Off-Piste Skiing & Resort Boundary Lines — US vs Europe (18:49)
  • For skiing in the Alps, which skis & brands are you currently high on? (25:21)
  • Which ski boots are you most excited about? (32:48)
  • Interlude: Breakfast Beer! (36:12)
  • Back to ski boots & ski bindings (36:48)

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1 comment on “Black Sheep Sports, Sebastian Steinbach (Ep.6)”

  1. Thank you for knocking out those podcast at such a high pace, always appreciated for the dog walk.

    @Sebastian: You said everybody needs (at least) 3 skis. So I’d like to know your 3-ski quiver selection for an European Freerider. Just for neerding out :-)

    @Sebastian: I also have a Scarpa F1 that fits me great without modification. I would like to replace my old Technica Cochise 130 (which is a bit too narrow for me in the toe box and too large in the calf). I also have a SALOMON
    QUEST PRO 130 but than one is too roomy and too high on the arch.
    Can you recommend a boot for 80% inbounds pow skiing and 20% pow touring on a 115 ski under foot? You praise the Lange Freetour but me and my friends all had bad, painful experience with Lange because they are just too narrow. I once bought the RACE RS 130 WIDE with a 100 last that made me cry as soon as I left the house. That couldn’t be corrected with a boot fitting either. Now the Freetour supposedly has a 100 last as well, but I don’t trust the Lange measurement anymore after my experience above.
    Maybe a Lupo AX 120? Or a Scarpa Freedom (of which I’m afraid it’s a bit too much touring oriented, just by the looks of it).

    Have fun!

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