‘Blink of an Eye’ writer & director, Paul Taublieb (Ep.106)


  • On being a storyteller (3:02)
  • How Paul got into filmmaking (7:19)
  • Producing X Games & freestyle motoX events (15:07)
  • What is Blink of an Eye about? (18:22)
  • Making films about heroes (26:54)
  • Racing as “playing chess at high speeds” (30:04)
  • The emotional rawness of this film (36:49)
  • What separates the best racers from very good ones? (46:00)
  • The (political) importance of being open minded (51:14)
  • How does Blink of an Eye fit with your other work? (1:00:44)

If the story told in the new film, Blink of an Eye, weren’t true, nobody would believe it.

But the story of Blink of an Eye is true, and it explores classic themes of friendship, brotherhood, heroes, triumph, tragedy, and redemption, while being set in the modern world of stock-car racing.

So if you are interested in or intrigued by auto racing, I promise that you will love this film and enjoy this conversation. And if you have zero interest in NASCAR, then I would argue that you especially need to listen to this conversation and see this film, for reasons that I’ll get into here with the writer and director of Blink of an Eye, Paul Taublieb.

Paul has been writing, directing, and producing big wave surfing films, auto & motoGP racing films, and freestyle motocross films for over 20 years — including the Emmy Award winning film, “Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross” which is fantastic, and it is available on Netflix. Paul has also worked on films for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, and he was instrumental in the creation of the X Games.

Paul’s done a lot of stuff, and his latest film, Blink of an Eye, centers around the fateful race of the Daytona 500 on February 18th, 2001 and the lives and backstories of Michael Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr. and the entire NASCAR community.

Blink of an Eye is a remarkable film and another significant achievement in the career of Paul Taublieb, and you can pre-order the film now on iTunes, and you can watch it on November 5th on iTunes and a number of digital platforms, including Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Prime.

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  1. One of my favorite Blister podcasts so far. Delivered many takeaways both technical (i.e.: subtly changing the background for set interview contexts) to deeper, meaningful insights into the human condition. Great listen whilst grinding uphill in low gear on a ski tour yesterday.

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